3 key movements to work your glutes in your free time 3 key movements to work your glutes in your free time

3 key movements to work your glutes in your free time

Whether you are lying down watching your favorite series or you are waiting for the arrival of an email, these are the movements you can do in your free time to increase buttocks effortlessly!

After several months of confinement, the buttocks may have lost some shape and volume from spending so much time sitting or in the same place. However, there is a way to counteract these effects that do not leave the house and you can do some movements in your free time. 

Yes! It is possible to practice them while sitting working, cooking, or even looking at your phone before going to sleep.

The best part? They work the gluteal muscles for an impact booty, you do not need extra equipment and you do not have to allocate a special moment to do it, as if you were going to the gym or doing your workout at home. They are the solution you were looking for!

1. Leg lift

Are you cooking or do you have an extra couple of minutes before going back to work? We recommend standing up and doing a leg lift.

What is it about?

  • Stand up straight, behind a chair, and hold your hands on the back.

  • Next, raise and lower your right leg straight back for 30 seconds.

  • Alternate sides, rest 15 seconds, and repeat the movements until you complete 5 minutes.

Raise your leg back little by little until you reach the highest level that your flexibility allows. Not so fast!

2. Gluteal contraction

 For those who sit most of the day, there is also a solution, and that is to contract and stretch the buttocks!

How does it work?

  • Sit up straight, pushing your chest forward and backward.

  • Then, squeeze your glutes for 3 seconds, relax them, and repeat the contraction for 20 times.

We suggest doing it 3 times a day to constantly work your muscles.

If you want to speed up the results, push your pelvis forward slightly when doing the contraction movement.

3. Lifting bridge

 Now, if you are lying down watching your favorite series or reading something, either before bed or in your free time, there is a key move you can do to tone buttocks at the same time:

These exercises are ideal for people with little time and space

While lying on your back, raise your buttocks from the chair or bed as a bridge and raise your right leg up (fully extended). Leave it like this for 20 seconds, change legs and repeat the succession 5 times. 

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