3 anaerobic exercises to improve your muscle shape

3 anaerobic exercises to improve your muscle definition

If you want to develop your muscles, not just any exercise will do. Some are aerobic exercises, for which you need oxygen. Others, like anaerobic, are designed to make your muscles grow.2

If you want to lose weight, you have to take into account that although aerobic exercise burns fat, it is convenient to combine it with anaerobic exercise to build up muscle strength.

In the long term, the increase in muscle mass helps to eliminate excess fat and control weight.

Mountain Climbers are fantastic for core muscles definition

Best for your health: combine both exercises

In fact, both types of exercise are involved in any physical activity, so it would be correct to say that an exercise is predominantly aerobic or predominantly anaerobic.

During anaerobic exercise, the heart is forced to pump blood rapidly for a short period of time, and this helps strengthen the circulatory system.

Combining and alternating the two exercises is therefore beneficial for the body.

The main health benefits of aerobic exercise are:

Abs: anaerobic exercises to improve your muscle shape

What exercises can I do?

It is important that you can check your heart, your lung capacity, and all that is necessary to develop your exercises in a healthy way. As usual professional advice from a PT is recommended for safe and optimal results.1

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