3 Tips to take care of your skin during winter

3 Tips to take care of your skin during winter

Changing seasons can make you transition your skincare routines. Especially when the weather gets colder.

Winter can make your skin drier than usual. If you are prone to dry skin, you should definitely take special care during the winter. This is not a case of self-indulgence (although there is nothing wrong with self care), it is a case of your body having different requirements in every season. These 3 tips will help you keep your complexion supple and glowy. 

1. Get your vitamins

Healthy skin comes from within. Some collagen supplements can provide the right amino acids to keep your skin elastic and supple. Check that you are hydrating well and you are getting all the nutrients you need. 

Get your vitamins

2. Thicken your lotion

During winter your skin is more likely to lose hydration. If you notice flaky skin, use a hydrating night cream during the day. A thicker formula can make you sweat during summer, but during the winter it can keep your skin glowy. 

Thicken your lotion

3. Remember to take care of all your skin

Just because the skin in your face is more noticeable it doesn't mean your hands and the rest of the body needs less attention. 

Make sure to keep a hydrating hand cream near you and use it whenever you feel your skin is getting flaky. 

Remember to take care of all your skin

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