3 Simple Ways to Boost your Energy

These days we are all tired. If you struggle to go through your day you may need to increase your energy levels. Learn how you can do it with by adding these easy steps in your daily routine

1. Move 

At the end of your day you may feel exhausted, and wanting to go to bed. But if you push yourself to do something active, your energy levels will rise. You don't need to run for hours, a simple 15 minutes online fitness class will do wonders. Think about how you can make your day more active, if you work at a desk try to have small breaks and walk or climb a flight of stairs. These simple things will change the energy channels in your body.

2. Breakfast is Sacred

The most important meal of your day. Don't skip it! It's recommended to have breakfast within half an hour of getting up, this will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and set your metabolism for the rest of the day. If you are not hungry try to eat something small, small toast peanut butter or avocado would do. You can also try having a smoothie, it is the perfect solution for many of us.

You Energy levels may decrease these days, make sure you know how to bounce back.

3. Check your Vitamins

If you feel constantly tired check your Vitamin D and Iron levels. Many of us need to supplement our intake of vitamins and minerals. Some studies  show that very low blood levels if Vitamin D can cause fatigue

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