3 Reasons to Add Miso to Your Diet 3 Reasons to Add Miso to Your Diet

3 Reasons to Add Miso to Your Diet

Their interior design, tea ceremonies and attention to detail are the envy of the world. Not to mention their food. And if you want to incorporate a Japanese touch into your diet, you have one simple and very healthy option. It's called Miso and you can do whatever you want with it!  

Miso has long been considered one of the healthiest foods around. We give you 3 good reasons to use it more often.

What is miso?

Miso is a thick, light-brown paste that you can mix with hot water and add any ingredients you like. In less than 5 minutes you will have a healthy broth, much higher quality than industrial soups and with great health benefits.

Miso paste

Miso soup is rich in protein, vitamins and contains all the essential aminoacids for the body. That is why it is considered a super ingredient. So it's perfect for giving you energy and keeping your body and mind ready for any challenge.

1. 1. Healthy Weight

Miso for healthy weight

Miso helps the digestive system and is low in calories. Suitable for everyone, it contains no lactose, no gluten and no fat.  Miso soup, as nutrition experts say, is ideal for those who need to control their weight because it satiates without the extra calories.  

For example, one cup of simple miso soup contains only 35 calories. A more elaborate recipe (with more ingredients) is still no more than 100.

2. 2. Digestive aid

Miso beneficial for the gut

This easily digestible ingredient will help eliminate toxins from the body. Perfect for an after-party, a late night or an unfortunate choice of meal. Miso will also help with absorption and assimilation of nutrients. 

3. 3. Gut health

Miso provides beneficial help to the gut

Whilst not the sexiest of topics, the importance of gut health has really picked up lately. Turns out, gut health is linked to numerous body functions and can even influence our mood. A recent UCLA study showed that changing gut bacteria though diet affects brain function. Miso is full of nutrients and since it’s fermented, it will provide the gut with beneficial bacteria helping us stay healthy and happy.

Top tip: When you buy miso, read the label to find out if it's gluten free and made from organically grown soy beans, and not GM (genetically modified) ones. 

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