Good-bye stretch marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks naturally Good-bye stretch marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks naturally

Good-bye stretch marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks naturally

Eliminating stretch marks with a cosmetic treatment is practically impossible, but there are remedies and tips that can help reduce them and, most importantly, prevent new ones from appearing. Read on to find out more.

Stretch marks are colored lines that form parallel to the surface of the skin. They are due to breaks in the fibrillar structure of the skin, usually as a result of strains caused by a rapid increase or decrease in body volume. Its initial color is usually red or pinkish, but as time goes by it fades to a whitish or pinkish tone.

Prevent stretch marks with these tips

They can appear anywhere on your body, although most often they are located on the belly, arms, hips, and legs. Did you know that more people than you think have more or less visible stretch marks?

These five tricks will help you prevent them:

1. 1. Don't run out of vitamin D

 What does it have to do with stretch marks?

Don't run out of vitamin D

“Perhaps one of the most important functions of vitamin D is to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and, therefore, to regulate the proper functioning of the system. skin immune", explains Sonia Almela, founder and CEO of Me and Me Cosmetics.

Anti-stretch mark solution: A half-hour walk a day in the sun, doesn't sound bad, right?

2. 2. Fill your salads with vitamin A

A salad a day keeps your skin looking great

 This vitamin is essential for the growth of new cells and the constitution of tissues such as skin. In addition, it is an antioxidant so it protects us from free radical damage (which age and spoil our skin).

Anti-stretch mark solution: Salads that are made with raw spinach with lots of carrots and tomatoes.

3. 3. The fruit, that is with vitamin C


The fruit, that is with vitamin C

As Sonia Almela indicates, “Vitamin C is very important because it helps restore the connective tissue of the skin, which is where we find collagen.

It is the support network of the skin, so the stronger this tissue is, the easier it will be to prevent stretch marks from forming.

Anti-stretch mark solution: Don't miss out on papaya, black currants, broccoli, red peppers, and parsley.

4. 4. Drink water (all the time)


Drink water

Hydration is key to maintaining skin elasticity, and there is no better way to nourish it than by starting from within. The two liters of water a day is not a myth.

Anti-stretch mark solution: Always carry a bottle of water in your bag to hydrate yourself anytime, anywhere.

5. 5. And of course, non-stop anti-stretch mark cream

Don't forget the lotion

Be careful, it must be a good anti-stretch mark cream that contains active ingredients that help prevent and treat them.

Stretch marks are internal elastin and collagen fibers of the skin that have broken into the connective tissue of the dermis where elasticity has been lost.

Therefore, it is not only valid with a moisturizer but you need a specific cream to treat them

Anti-stretch mark solution: If necessary, set an alarm on your mobile, but don't forget your daily cream application.

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